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best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001

best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001

    • best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001
    • best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001
  • best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: ABB
    Model Number: V18345-1020120001

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: Original ABB positioner package
    Delivery Time: Ex-store
    Payment Terms: TT/Paypal / Aliexpress / Western Union
    Supply Ability: 200 pcs / week
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    Detailed Product Description

    ABB TZID Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner


     1.product  information

         The TZIDC is an electronically configurable positioner withcommunication capabilities designed for mounting to pneumatic linear or rotary actuators. It features a small and compact design, a modular construction, and an excellent cost-performance ratio.Fully automatic determination of the control parameters and adaptation to the final control element yield considerable time savings and an optimal control behavior.

    An I/P module with subsequent pneumatic amplifier is used to control the pneumatic actuator. The well-proven I/P module proportionally converts the permanent electrical setpoint signal from the CPU into apneumatic signal used to adjust a 3/3-way valve.

    The air flow for pressurizing or depressurizing the actuator is continuously adjusted. As a result, excellent control is achieved. When reaching the set point, the 3/3-way valve is closed in center position to minimize the air consumption.

    Four different pneumatics versions are available: for single-acting or double-acting actuators, each with “fail-safe” or “fail-freeze” function.


    For foundation fieldbus


    Compact and efficient


    — With proven technology and intelligence


    Communication-ready for FOUNDATION Fieldbus


    — Fieldbus connection acc. to IEC 61158-2


    — Power consumption 11.5 mA, 9 ... 32 V DC


    Easy to commission, user-friendly


    — Fully automatic autoadjust


    — Setup via integrated operator panel or remote configuration


    — Mechanical position indicator


    EMV and CE conformity


    Robust and environmentally ruggedized


    — Shock and vibration influence < 1 %


    — Aluminum housing, protection class IP 65


    Additional temperature range


    — -40 … 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)


    Mounting on pneumatic linear actuators or rotary




    Optional with pressure gauge block and filter regulator


    Low operating cost


    — Air consumption < 0.03 kg/h


    ATEX, FM, CSA, GOST and IECEx approvals


     best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001


    best seller original Germany ABB positioner V18345-1020120001

    V18345-1010521001   V18345-1011221001   V18345-1011521001
    V18345-1010220001   V18345-1011220001   V18345-1011420001
    V18345-1010520001   V18345-1010160001   V18345-2010421001
    V18345-1027121001   V18345-1011121001   V18345-1017121001
    V18345-1010421001   V18345-1027420001   V18345-1010121001
    V18345-1011120001  V18345-1010420001  V18345-1011221001
    V18345-1010421001  V18345-1020420001  V18345-1020421001
    V18345-1010120001  V18345-1010121001  V18345-2020420001
    V18345-1020120001   V18345-1020121001  V18345-2010521001
    V18345-2020521001   V18345-2020121001   V18345-2010221001
    V18345-2010421001   V18345-2010121101   V18345-2010221001
    V18311-112110100  V18311-182110100 V18311-1111101
    V18311-3111101  V18311-1622101  V18311-3622101
    V18311-1112101  V18311-1121101  V18311-1122101
    V18311-3112101  V18311-3121101  V18311-1621101
    V18311-1821101  V18311-1822101   V18311-3621101
    V18311-3821101  V18311-3822101  V18311-3921101
    V18311-4822101  V18311-4921101   V18311-112210100
    V18333-1211121   V18333-1111121   V18341-A51129011
    V18341-A10111011  V18341-A50110011   V18341-A60410011
    V18341-A51110011  V18341-A20111011  V18341-A61429011
    V18348-1013115  V18348-1013116  V18348-1014110
    V18348-1014113  V18348-1014114  V18348-1014115
    V18348-1014116  V18348-1014221  V18348-1014223
    V18348-1014224  V18348-1014225  V18348-1014226
    V18348-2001110  V18348-2001113  V18348-2001114
    V18348-2001115  V18348-2001111  V18348-2001116
    V18348-1011430110   V18348-1013114   V18348-1011210110
    V18348-1011220110   V18348-1011200110   V18346-1030250001
    V18346-103011100  V18346-103012100  V18346-103012300
    V18346-103012400  V18346-103012410  V18346-103012430
    V18346-103012450  V18346-103016410  V18346-103016430
    V18346-103016450  V18346-103015400  V18346-103015410
    V18346-103015430  V18346-103015450  V18346-203111000
    V18346-203112400  V18346-203112430  V18346-203112450
    V18346-503222400  V18346-503222410  V18346-503222430
    V18346-503411000   V18346-503411400  V18346-503411410
    V18346-503411430  V18346-503452000  V18346-503452400
    V18346-503452410  V18346-503452430  V18346-503455400
    V18346-503455410  V18346-503455430  V18346-503455450
    V18346-1030220001   V18346-1030210001   V18346-1030240001
    V18347-104011000  V18347-104011010  V18347-104011030
    V18347-104011050  V18347-104111000  V18347-104111400
    V18347-104111410  V18347-104111430  V18347-104111450
    V18347-204011000  V18347-204012400  V18347-204011410
    V18347-204021400  V18347-204021430  V18347-204411000
    V18347-204421000  V18347-204441000  V18347-204451000
    V18347-204421400  V18347-204441400  V18347-204451400
    V18347-504411000  V18347-504412000  V18347-504413000
    V18347-504014000  V18347-504022000  V18347-504423000
    V18347-504451000  V18347-504452000  V18347-504453000
    V18347-504054000  V18347-504456400  V18347-504056410
    V18347-504456430  V18347-504456450  V18347-504455000
    V18347-504455410  V18347-504455430  V18347-504446000
    V18347-504446400  V18347-504446410  V18347-504446050
    V18347-504446030  V18347-504443400  V18347-504443410
    V18347-1040220001   V18347-1040210001   V18347-1040240001


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