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YOKOGAWA AAI141-S03 Analog Input Module

YOKOGAWA AAI141-S03 Analog Input Module

YOKOGAWA AAI141-S03 Analog Input Module

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YOKOGAWA Analog Input Module AAI141-S03

YOKOGAWA Analog Input Module AAI141-S03

This document describes about hardware specifications of Analog I/O Modules (for FIO) to be installed in the ESB bus node units (ANB10S and ANB10D), Optical ESB bus node units (ANB11S and ANB11D), ER bus node units (ANR10S and ANR10D) (*1), and field control units (for FIO) (AFV30S, AFV30D, AFV40S, AFV40D, AFV10S,AFV10D, AFF50S, and AFF50D).These analog I/O modules function as signal converters; by inputting field analog signals into these modules,it converts them to internal data for field control stations (FCS), or the FCS’s internal data to analog signals for outputs.

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YOKOGAWA Analog Input Module AAI141-S03

Selected Model

AAI141-S50/K4A00, AAI141-S50/A4S00, AAI141-S50/A4S10, AAI141-S50/A4D00, AAI141-S50/A4D10, AAI141-S50/CCC01,
AAI141-S53/K4A00, AAI141-S53/A4S00, AAI141-S53/A4S10, AAI141-S53/A4D00, AAI141-S53/A4D10, AAI141-S53/CCC01,
AAI141-SE0/K4A00, AAI141-SE0/A4S00, AAI141-SE0/A4S10, AAI141-SE0/A4D00, AAI141-SE0/A4D10, AAI141-SE0/CCC01,
AAI141-SE3/K4A00, AAI141-SE3/A4S00, AAI141-SE3/A4S10, AAI141-SE3/A4D00, AAI141-S53/A4D10, AAI141-S53/CCC01,
AAI141-H50/K4A00, AAI141-H50/A4S00, AAI141-H50/A4S10, AAI141-H50/A4D00, AAI141-h50/A4D10, AAI141H50/CCC01,
AAI141-H53/K4A00, AAI141-H53/A4S00, AAI141-H53/A4S10, AAI141-H53/A4D00, AAI141-h53/A4D10, AAI141-H53/CCC01,
AAI141-HE0/K4A00, AAI141-HE0/A4S00, AAI141-HE0/A4S10, AAI141-HE0/A4D00, AAI141-HE0/A4D10, AAI141-HE0/CCC01,
AAI141-HE3/K4A00, AAI141-HE3/A4S00, AAI141-HE3/A4S10, AAI141-HE3/A4D00, AAI141-HE3/A4D10, AAI141-HE3/CCC01,


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YOKOGAWA Analog Input Module AAI141-S03

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