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YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog input Module

YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog input Module

YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog input Module

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YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog Input Module

YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog Input Module
This GS covers the hardware specifications of the Analog I/O Modules (FIO) that can be installed in the Node Unit
for ESB Bus (ANB10S, ANB10D), the Node Unit for ER Bus (ANR10S, ANR10D) and Compact Field Control Unit
(for FIO) (AFF50S, AFF50D, AFV10S, AFV10D).
These modules mainly receive 4 to 20 mA DC or 1 to 5 V DC standardized signal from 2-wire/4-wire transmitters.
They can be used in dual redundant configuration.

YOKOGAWA AAI143-H53 Analog Input Module

Selected Model

AAI143-S50/K4A00, AAI143-S50/A4S00, AAI143-S50/A4S10, AAI143-S50/A4D00, AAI143-S50/A4D10, AAI143-S50/CCC01,

AAI143-S53/K4A00, AAI143-S53/A4S00, AAI143-S53/A4S10, AAI143-S53/A4D00, AAI143-S53/A4D10, AAI143-S53/CCC01,

AAI143-SE0/K4A00, AAI143-SE0/A4S00, AAI143-SE0/A4S10, AAI143-SE0/A4D00, AAI143-SE0/A4D10, AAI143-SE0/CCC01,

AAI143-SE3/K4A00, AAI143-SE3/A4S00, AAI143-SE3/A4S10, AAI143-SE3/A4D00, AAI143-S53/A4D10, AAI143-S53/CCC01,

AAI143-H50/K4A00, AAI143-H50/A4S00, AAI143-H50/A4S10, AAI143-H50/A4D00, AAI143-h50/A4D10, AAI143-H50/CCC01,

AAI143-H53/K4A00, AAI143-H53/A4S00, AAI143-H53/A4S10, AAI143-H53/A4D00, AAI143-h53/A4D10, AAI143-H53/CCC01,

AAI143-HE0/K4A00, AAI143-HE0/A4S00, AAI143-HE0/A4S10, AAI143-HE0/A4D00, AAI143-HE0/A4D10, AAI143-HE0/CCC01,

AAI143-HE3/K4A00, AAI143-HE3/A4S00, AAI143-HE3/A4S10, AAI143-HE3/A4D00, AAI143-HE3/A4D10, AAI143-HE3/CCC01

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